NEHA October 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

October 2022 • Journal of Environmental Health 7 well as improve bottom-line results. An added bonus is that attendees can earned continuing education contact hours to maintain their professional credentials. I thank the NEHA sta who ran our first hybrid AEC, which entailed running two conferences at the same time—in person and virtual. The NEHA sta worked 12 days straight before and during the conference from early in the morning to late in the evening. NEHA is lucky to have such dedicated, hardworking sta . The Washington State Environmental Health Association also deserves high praise for their role in helping to make this conference a success. Many attendees do not realize how valuable the AEC sponsors are. The generous contributions from the sponsors help reduce the cost of attendance, as well as provide their expertise, products, and services throughout the year. NEHA is incredibly lucky to have sponsors who are true partners and who help spread the vision and mission of NEHA. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Priscilla Oliver and Sandra Long, past presidents ofNEHA,whokepttheNEHAshipsteeredin the right directionand helpedour organization gain steam during the pandemic.Their stellar leadershipduring their presidencies allowed NEHA to increase revenue along with reserves. Theydid not have the opportunityto attend and lead an in-personAEC. Theyhave my gratitudeas well as that from the environmentalhealthprofessionandour members and staff . We want our members to have the best possible experience when attending the AEC. When NEHA considers a location for the AEC, numerous factors are taken into consideration including cost, desirability of the location, and the facilities. Numerous hours go into the groundwork before a location is selected. Once NEHA determines the location of the AEC, the challenging work really begins. For the 2023 AEC, New Orleans is much more than Bourbon Street and world-renowned food. New Orleans has something for everyone including one of the country ’s top-rated aquariums and zoos, historic homes, the National World War II Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and architectural gems. All environmental health professionals have unique knowledge and experiences. I hope you took advantage of the 2023 AEC Call for Abstracts that was open in September to share your story and knowledge. I look forward to seeing you at the 2023 AEC in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 31–August 3. Reference Ernst, M., Niederer, D., Werner, A.M., Czaja, S. J., Mikton, C., Ong, A.D., Rosen, T., Brähler, E., & Beutel, M.E. (2022). Loneliness before and during the COVID19 pandemic: A systematic review with meta-analysis. American Psychologist, 77(5), 660–677. amp0001005 Software Incorporated Environmental Health Software ® Call today! It was great seeing you at the NEHA 2022 AEC in Spokane! Contact Information (800) 327-9337 SWEEPSsoftware is designed to effectively manage your resources, staff and programs. SWEEPS software is designed to exceed the requirements for available grant programs. “Make Your Data Work as Hard as You Do!”