NEHA October 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

60 Volume 85 • Number 3 We were proud to bestow several national awards and scholarships to outstanding individuals, groups, and programs throughout the country in 2022. From students excelling during unparalleled times and new leaders working on diversity e orts to some of the most recognized names in our professional community, the 2022 honorees illustrate the dedication and selflessness of those in our field. The following people were honored with awards and scholarships in 2022. For more information about our awards, please visit AEHAP Student Research Competition Winners Undergraduate Collin Oriente West Chester University Pilar Santos Montana State University Graduate Nana-Obaayaa Owusu East Carolina University Jordan Williams East Carolina University Each year the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs (AEHAP) invites undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a program accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC) to submit original research projects. Winning entries receive $1,000 and travel stipends to present their research at the AEC. Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award CAPT Charles S. Otto, III, REHS, DAAS (retired) This award represents the highest honor that the American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS) bestows on one of its diplomates. Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award Robert Powitz, MPH, PhD, RS, CP-FS, DABFET, DLAAS This award is given annually by NEHA to recognize an individual or team for an educational contribution designed for the advancement and professional development of environmental health professionals. NEHA/AAS Scholarships Undergraduate Michelle Leonard Montana State University Haley Ritchie The University of Findlay Graduate Mindy Chambrelli University of New England Both NEHA and AAS believe that structured education at the undergraduate and graduate levels is important toan individual’s successful professional development in the environmental health field and that continuing education is a vital component in the continued career growth of environmental health professionals. As such, three scholarships are awarded annually—one to a graduate student and two to undergraduate students. More information on the NEHA/AAS scholarships can be found at NEHA Ailiate Certificates of Merit Certificates of Merit are awarded to NEHA affiliate members and teams who made exemplary contributions to the profession. Each a iliate selects winners based on its own criteria for recognition. The nominating a iliate is indicated in parentheses. Individuals Steve Alder (UT) Everton Baker (Jamaica) J. Victor Baldovinos (TX) Jaqueline Summer Burpee Beard (posthumously, AL) Ilda Bengui (National Capital Area) Carolyn Picard Bombet (LA) Nikki Burns Savage (NV) Michael Crea (FL) Tosa Dyer (MO) Kira Flagstead (MT) Jason Kloss (MN) CDR Jamie Mutter (Uniformed Services) Josie Prince (WY) Aimee Puluso (NJ) Robin Raijean (IA) Joshua Skeggs (CO) Rike Sterrett (MA) Stephen Yenco (CT) Teams Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee: Mel Knight (chair), Alicia Collins, Brian Collins, Gary Coleman, and Robert Custard (Past Presidents) Florida Environmental Health Association 2021 Annual Conference Committee: Ed Bettinger, Michael Crea, Greg Crumpton, Trisha Dall, Gary Frank, DaJuane Harris, Kimberly Stockdale, and Tim Wallace (FL) Iowa Environmental Health Association Scholarship Committee: Sandy Bubke, Matt Even, Bridget Mohler, Robin Raijean, and Jessica Sheridan (IA) Retail Food Standards Program: Environmental Health Section of Riverstone Health. Leadership for the Retail Food Team has been Clark Snyder and Marilyn Tapia. (MT) Betsy Seals and M.L. Tanner: For their research projects, Emerging Compounds in Public Drinking Water and Is the Time Right for South Carolina to Develop a Lead Authorization Program (SC) Statewide Accelerated Public Health for Every Community (SAPHE) Act 2.0: Massachusetts Public Health Nurses Association (MA) Yankee Conference Organizers: Scott Cook, Kevin Elak, Dianne Harding, and Mariam Hosseini (CT) Awards & Scholarships NEHA 2022 AECWrap-Up AEHAP representatives Dr. Ben Ryan (far le ) and Jamie Hisel (far right) stand with student winners Jordan Williams, Nana-Obaayaa Owusu, Collin Oriente, Pilar Santos, and Carli Koenig (from le to right). Photo courtesy of Carla Brown, AEHAP. CAPT Charles Otto addressed the audience a er being named the recipient of the Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award.