NEHA October 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

44 Volume 85 • Number 3 A D VANC EME N T O F T H E PRACTITIONER EH CA L ENDAR UPCOMING NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (NEHA) CONFERENCE July 31–August 3, 2023: NEHA 2023 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, LA, NEHA AFFILIATE AND REGIONAL LISTINGS Illinois November 7–8, 2022: IEHA Annual Educational Conference, Illinois Environmental Health Association (IEHA), Oglesby, IL, Iowa October 12–13, 2022: IEHA Fall Conference, Iowa Environmental Health Association (IEHA), West Des Moines, IA, Michigan March 22–24, 2023: Annual Education Conference, Michigan Environmental Health Association, Port Huron, MI, Nebraska October 19, 2022: Annual Conference, Nebraska Environmental Health Association, Ashland, NE, North Dakota October 18–20, 2022: NDEHA Fall Education Conference, North Dakota Environmental Health Association (NDEHA), Minot, ND, Texas October 19–21, 2022: 66th Annual Educational Conference, Texas Environmental Health Association, Round Rock, TX, Wisconsin October 26–28, 2022: WEHA 2022 Educational Conference, Wisconsin Environmental Health Association (WEHA), Lake Geneva, WI, TOPICAL LISTINGS Preparedness October 23–29, 2022: Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) Operations, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Anniston, AL, Employers increasingly require a professional credential to verify that you are qualified and trained to perform your job duties. Credentials improve the visibility and credibility of our profession and they can result in raises or promotions for the holder. For 80 years, NEHA has fostered dedication, competency, and capability through professional credentialing. We provide a path to those who want to challenge themselves and keep learning every day. Earning a credential is a personal commitment to excellence and achievement. Learn more at A credential today can improve all your tomorrows. You can share your event with the environmental health community by posting it on our Community Calendar at community-calendar. Posting is easy, free, and a great way to bring attention to your event. You can also find listings for upcoming events from NEHA and other organizations. Did You Know?