NEHA October 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

42 Volume 85 • Number 3 A D VANC EME N T O F T H E PRACTICE thermometer is 0–220 °F (-20–110 °C). You will also need two containers of the same material type, such as inexpensive insulated travel mugs. Fill one container with cold tap water and the other with hot tap water; immerse the temperature standard liquid-in-glass thermometer in either container along with the probe of the electronic thermometer or the mechanical thermometer to be tested. Let both thermometers equilibrate (a few minutes will do) and compare the temperature reading of the temperature-standard thermometer against that of the thermometer being validated. Repeat the process in the other container. Always record your results. We use a bound composition book that is admissible in court and enter the time, date, and results that include the temperature of the temperature standard thermometer versus the field thermometer, along with your initial or signature. We use a separate column, marked in red ink, to list the correction factor (± variance from the standard) that we will apply in the field when taking temperatures. The results recorded in a bound composition book are a legal document that verifies due diligence in the performance of our duties as environmental health professionals. The process is simple, fast, accurate, inexpensive, defensible, and best of all, it cannot be challenged. Contact: THANK YOU for Supporting the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Fund Samuel M. Aboagye Nick Adams Tunde M. Akinmoladun Mary A. Allen American Academy of Sanitarians Drake Amundson Olivia Arnold Steven K. Ault Rance Baker James J. Balsamo, Jr. Gina Bare Darryl B. Barnett Marcy Barnett Carol Bennett Jamie Betak Mohammad Imtiaj Uddin Bhuiyan Michael E. Bish Jesse Bliss Eric Bradley Ashton Brodahl Corwin D. Brown D. Gary Brown Glenn W. Bryant Allana Burnette Glynis Burton Tom Butts Nadia Bybee Lori Byron Christopher R. Caler Timothy J. Callahan Kimberley Carlton Denise Chrysler Renee Clark Richard W. Clark Gary E. Coleman Jessica Collado Brian K. Collins Richard F. Collins James G. Cortelyou Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code Alan M. Croft Alan J. Dellapenna, Jr. Kristie Denbrock Thomas P. Devlin Michele DiMaggio Jennifer Dobson James M. Dodd Gery M. DuParc Justin A. Dwyer David T. Dyjack Ana Ebbert Amer El-Ahraf Alicia Enriquez Collins Sharon Farrell Olivia Feider Julie Fernandez Krista T. Ferry Soni Fink Shelby Foerg Mary K. Franks Tiffany D. Gaertner Heather Gallant Felix Garcia Cynthia L. Goldstein Carolyn J. Gray Karen Gulley Melissa Ham Roberta M. Hammond Stacie Havron Cheryl Hawkins Jerry W. Heaps Donna K. Heran Thomas A. Hill Michele Hlavsa Jennifer Hoffman Karen Hoffman Bender Scott E. Holmes Michelle Holshue Donna M. Houston Daaniya Iyaz Margo C. Jones Samuel J. Jorgensen Leila Judd Anna E. Khan Nola Kennedy Amit Kheradia Eric Klein Sharon L. Kline Bonnie Koenig Steve Konkel Roy Kroeger Scott Kruger Ayaka Kubo Lau Michael F. LaScuola Lawrence County Health Department Philip Leger Matthew A. Lindsey Sandra M. Long Ann M. Loree Robert A. Maglievaz Patricia Mahoney Julianne Manchester John A. Marcello Jason W. Marion John Mason Ralph Matthews Carol McInnes Pamela Mefford Traci E. Michelson Kaiser Milo Graeme Mitchell Leslie D. Mitchell Peter J. Mitchell Derek Monthei Wendell A. Moore Lisa Maggie Morehouse George A. Morris Hayashi N. Morris Emily Moscufo Ericka Murphy Naing Myint John A. Nakashima Alexus Nally Arash Nasibi Sylvester Ndimele Johany D. Negron Bird Eileen Neison Brion A. Ockenfels Christopher B. Olson Darvis W. Opp Liz Otero Charles S. Otto Jessica Pankey Noah Papagni Michael A. Pascucilla Kathryn Pink Robert W. Powitz Stacie Price Laura A. Rabb Vincent J. Radke Larry A. Ramdin Faith M. Ray Evangeline Reaves David E. Riggs Geraldine Riouff Welford C. Roberts Catherine Rockwell Luis O. Rodriguez Jonathan P. Rubingh Kristen Ruby-Cisneros Nancy Ruderman Silvia-Antonia Rus Ainhoa Saiz Michéle Samarya-Timm Peter H. Sansone Anthony Sawyer Sameera Sayeed Lea Schneider Lynn Schneider Mario Seminara Jacquelynn Shelton Anton Shufutinsky Jill M. Shugart Tom Sidebottom Christopher J. Smith Karen Solberg Chintan Somaiya James M. Speckhart Stephen Spence Rebecca Stephany Jordan Strahle Denise K. Takehara M.L. Tanner Christl Tate Timothy D. Taylor Tonia W. Taylor Ned Therien Vildana Tinjic Charles D. Treser Gail Vail Richard S. Valentine Linda Van Houten Kendra Vieira Tom A. Vyles Lora Wade Phebe Wall Jessica Walzer Jeffrey A. Wangsao Sarah K. Ward Brian S. White Lisa Whitlock Don B. Williams Christian Witkovskie Erika Woods Margaret Zarriello Linda L. Zaziski Anne Marie Zimeri To donate, visit