NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

November 2022 • Journal of Environmental Health 7 the greatest contribution to the healthful environmental goals that we all seek. Accordingly, through each of our programs, great emphasis is placed on providing both educational as well as motivational opportunities. Similar to what Staples has popularized in their advertising, we wants you to know that we are the “easy button” for environmental health professionals. The future outlook of environmental health is bright and the mid-1980s song by Timbuk 3, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades,” comes to mind. Our new vision reflects a new era: Healthy environments. Protected communities. Empowered professionals. This change reflects our ultimate goal of healthy and safe environments for all communities and a valued and empowered environmental health workforce. To reach that vision we will continue to provide training, webinars, presentations, and study materials to bring the latest practices and research to the workforce. The final piece of the rebranding puzzle is the NEHA logo. The original logo was introduced in 1937 and was a shield with a beacon in the center. That logo was updated in 1965 to include the phrase, “Environmental Health Around the World,” around the shield. Since 1975, the NEHA logo has been the map of the U.S. with the name of the association around it. See page 53 for a history of our logos. The new NEHA logo and brand reflect the development of both NEHA and the profession. The bursting petals signify a new era and excitement for what is possible for NEHA and the profession, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. The position of the petals over the “eh” letters represent the shelter NEHA provides to the workforce through advocacy, education, and community. Finally, the range of blue-colored petals acknowledge the importance of including diverse perspectives and experiences to address the environmental health challenges of today and beyond. This new logo will lead NEHA into the next 85 years of building, empowering, and sustaining the environmental health profession. The cherry on top of the sundae is the launch of a new website, which includes an online community platform. Our online Community aims to create a virtual community for environmental health professionals to network, engage, and provide best practices and mentorship. We have become a worldwide leader in environmental health through the hard work of our sta—, board, and members. We have become the organization many people around the world look to for best practices or guidance—a wonderful achievement. We will continue to work to ensure healthy environments, protected communities, and empowered professionals for this “big old goofy world” as singer-songwriter John Prine sang. Members are extremely important to NEHA and our mission. Our membership structure includes five di erent membership categories—Professional, Emerging Professional, Retired Professional, International, and Life. Membership with us provides connection, education, and advancement for environmental health professionals at any career stage. Our nationally recognized credentials, extensive learning opportunities, and community of dedicated leaders position our members for greater professional success. We believe that the success of our members elevates the environmental health profession as a whole. Learn more at Did You Know? Stand out in the crowd. Show the world you are the environmental health expert you know you are with a credential. You might even earn more or get promoted.