NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

November 2022 • Journal of Environmental Health 57 Karen E. Reid Michael L. Reiss Leonard F. Rice Daniel L. Ries David E. Riggs Janet E. Rittenhouse Welford C. Roberts Perry L. Robinson Adam R. Rocke Joseph E. Rouleau R.J. Rucker S Dorothy C. Saldanha-David Dennis A. Salmen Michéle Samarya-Timm Vickie M. Sandoval Peter H. Sansone Heather L. Savalox John E. Schillinger Vickie Schleuning Peter M. Schmitt Jacqueline L. Schnider Bruce E. Schroer Ellen M. Schroth Lucy S. Schrum Frank S. Sedzielarz Schossow R. Shelly Craig A. Shepherd John H. Shrader David P. Shuemaker Zia Siddiqi Donnie Simmons Doug R. Smith Marcia G. Snyder Denise C. Sockwell Carl W. Stein Laura Studevant Thacker Kevin G. Sumner T Stephen R. Tackitt Kelly M. Taylor Christine E. Testa David W. Tharp Mathew J. Thomas Peter D. Thornton John G. Todd Monty K. Torres Brian Turner V Leon F. Vinci W Richard M. Walton Steven J. Ward Perin M. Warren Robert B. Washam Norman L. Weiss Michael M. Welch Susan L. Welch Daniel M. Wellington April L. Wendling James M. White, Jr. Chris J. Wiant Stephen L. Wilkins Don B. Williams, Jr. James S. Williamson, Jr. Keith M. Willingham Daren Winkelman Robert Wolfe Y Melinda A. Young Webster Young, Jr. Z George Zameska Brian J. Zamora Barbara A. Zirngibl “The value of membership is tremendous as it allows me to network with environmental health professionals from many different places. I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a great organization!” – Tim Link “The REHS/RS credential has been valuable in my work with government agencies over the last 25 years. Most regulatory agencies recognize and respect the credential and understand the depth of knowledge one needs to obtain and keep it.” – Allison Blodig “I believe that every professional has a responsibility to support our professional associations. But aside from that, what I have received is so much more! The learning opportunities, conferences, networking opportunities, and lifelong friends are invaluable.” – F. Charles Hart “I firmly believe that my continuing involvement in NEHA contributed significantly to my work and my own knowledge of environmental health.” – George A. Kupfer