NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

Robert B. Knowles Larry R. Kohl Herman Koren Larry E. Krebsbach Keith L. Krinn Roy Kroeger George A. Kupfer L Todd W. Lam Jonathan Langer Jim Langevin Roland E. Langford Oren L. Larson Kathy L. Leinenkugel Jason T. LeMaster Stephanie J. Levell Allan R. Levesque Matthew A. Lindsey Tim A. Link Patricia A. Livingston Percell Locklear Sandra M. Long Thomas I. Lovey Mina Lovrich-Kerr M Scott L. Maass Arthur N. Mabbett Gloria T. Mackie Kathleen MacVarish Joseph M. Malinowski Kathleen A. Mallet John A. Marcello Shane Martin Ralph M. Matthews Harold C. McDowell Allen R. McKay Scott A. McKenzie Wayne Melichar, III Tricia A. Metts Debbie L. Meyers William R. Milardo, Jr. Peter M. Mirandi Lincoln N. Mitchell Nicholas G. Molchan Robert E. Moore Wendell A. Moore George A. Morris Christine Moser-Fink Patrick J. Murray N Robert R. Nelson Bart Nighswonger Gary P. Noonan Naphtali O. Nyagwachi O Gregory J. O’Brien Mary B. O’Connor Priscilla Oliver Charles S. Otto, III P Bette J. Packer Dick A. Pantages Joseph M. Parker Clark A. Pearson Janet A. Phelps James M. Phillips James E. Pierce Cathy L. Plant John P. Porter Robert W. Powitz Q Marlene H. Quibell Michael M. Quinn R Laura A. Rabb Vincent J. Radke Michael R. Ramdhan Jackie L. Rayburn YOUR ASSOCIATION “NEHA is my professional home. No other association represents the profession of environmental health better or more succinctly than NEHA. NEHA is my resource to the brain trust of environmental health knowledge. NEHA members have become my professional family. I am and continue to become a better practitioner of environmental health because of NEHA.” – Doug Ebelherr “I’ve been afforded the opportunity to gain access to environmental health professionals, annual conferences, well-written books, and informative articles in the Journal of Environmental Health. These resources have made me a better professional and I am grateful for my membership.” – Freda Bredy “Over the years I have enjoyed the camaraderie of my peers and witnessed the constant evolution of my (our) chosen profession. Being a NEHA member definitely helped guide me through my long and rewarding career as an environmental health professional.” – Alan Croft 56 Volume 85 • Number 4