NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

Edward A. Deep Royal P. DeLegge Alan J. Dellapenna, Jr. John H. Dickson, II Tricia A. Dreier Lisa A. Duello Jozaier T. DuGlas, Sr. Thomas S. Dunlop Donna R. Dunn James A. Dunning E Katherine E. Earlywine Diane R. Eastman Douglas J. Ebelherr Jean V. Edsall Amer El-Ahraf Terry L. Elichuk Robert L. Elliott Bill B. Emminger Annette Eshelby Diane L. Evans F Wendy L. Fanaselle Donald T. Fanning Lee C. Finley Morris V. Forsting G Theresa A. Gallagher Jeanne M. Galloway Vincent Garcia Diane Gartner Mary Gentry Bruce George Ginger L. Gist Raymond E. Glos Debra Grabowski Harry E. Grenawitzke Ron L. Grimes Kit C. Grosch H Mary D. Hahn Michael G. Halko Marlena M. Hamann Robert C. Hamilton Brian L. Hanft Mark A. Hansell Dexter A. Hardy F.C. Hart William H. Hayes, Jr. Gregory M. Heck Donna K. Heran Robert E. Herr Michael E. Herring Peter W. Hibbard Thomas A. Hill John E. Hiramoto Carolyn Hobbs Kreiger Karen Hoffman Bender Scott E. Holmes Chao-Lin Hsieh I Joselito S. Ignacio J Cynthia A. Jackson Charlotte R. Johnson Bruce A. Jones Horace E. Jones William D. Justice, Jr. K Frank E. Kellogg Diane L. Kelsch David P. King Sharon L. Kline Mel Knight Karin Knopp Diane Knowles “NEHA has provided me with pertinent information and training needed for my profession. As a retiree, I am still able to keep up-to-date with the current issues in environmental health.” – Vickie Sandoval “It has been a continual professional gain and pleasure to be a member of NEHA. Membership also provided me the unparallel platform to network with professionals in academic, regulatory, and industry sectors. During these years, I have seen NEHA be instrumental in raising the bar in the public health sector.” – Zia Siddiqi “As a public health inspector in Canada, why do I belong to NEHA? I belong to NEHA for the same reason I belong to CIPHI—the benefits! I have kept my practice current based on what I have gained as a member. The value I get for my membership fee is priceless.” – Jacqueline Schnider November 2022 • Journal of Environmental Health 55