NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

A Karen L. Ahrendt Anthony C. Aiken, Sr. Tunde M. Akinmoladun Jane M. Anderson Peter R. Andrews Thomas W. Ashton James H. Atkins B Gary Baker James J. Balsamo, Jr. Darryl B. Barnett John M. Barry Virginia Begay Anthony E. Bennett Chirag H. Bhatt Michael E. Bish Robert Blake Allison M. Blodig Arthur W. Bloom Michael S. Bloom Dean Bodager Margaret L. Bolte Mary J. Bowers James H. Bowles Freda W. Bredy Alan Brewer Corwin D. Brown Frank A. Brown Jeffrey L. Buntrock William T. Burke, III Thomas J. Butts C Dennis P. Campbell Carl I. Carroll Karen A. Casale Charles Catlin Bryan T. Chrisman Jeffrey A. Church Kenneth A. Clare Steven K. Claybrook Gary E. Coleman Holly H. Coleman Brian K. Collins Richard F. Collins Brian J. Commons John P. Connell Keith W. Cook Jeffrey R. Coombs Ralls M. Coston David B. Cramer Alan M. Croft Bob W. Custard D Gary R. Dainton Mark A. Darnell Celeste L. Davis Trenton G. Davis Melburn R. Dayton YOUR ASSOCIATION to Our 25-Year Members We thank and honor the individuals listed in this tribute who have had active, continuous memberships with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) for 25 years or longer. We sincerely appreciate their commitment to our association and the environmental health profession. A Tribute “NEHA has been a cornerstone of my continuous growth as an environmental health professional providing leadership, professional development, and relationship building opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. Over the years, NEHA has given me more than I can ever give back to the profession.” – Scott E. Holmes “NEHA helped me grow as an environmental health professional. NEHA brings together individuals from many different disciplines and experiences. By sharing our ideas and lessons learned among ourselves, we grow as a profession.” – Dorothy Saldanha-David 54 Volume 85 • Number 4