NEHA November 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

November 2022 • Journal of Environmental Health 39 The Journal seeks guest authors for the Building Capacity column. Our goal is to provide a platform to share capacity building successes occurring across the country and within different sectors of the environmental health profession, including academia, private industry, and state, local, tribal, and territorial health agencies. Submissions will be reviewed by the NEHA technical advisors for data and technology and Journal staff for appropriate content, relevance, and adherence to submission guidelines. To learn more about the submission process and guidelines, please visit building-capacity-column. CAL L FOR SUBMI SS I ONS events might waive some or all fees when you sit on a panel or lead a breakout session. Even though proposal deadlines can be months (sometimes 6 months or more) before the actual event, do not get too concerned about sourcing every bit of the presentation. At the planning phases, event planners are looking for themes and broad strokes. Details of the presentation can come together closer to the day of the presentation. Track and Use Your Contacts Reach out before the event to touch base and plan for times to meet to have coee or a chat. Most events feature an app with attendee search capabilities, messaging, and even appointment requests. Collect new contacts with enthusiasm, organized as business cards, LinkedIn connections, or shared emails and texts. To each contact add a brief note—a little play-byplay—regarding something special about each person you met. Give Yourself an Extra Day (or Afternoon) Traveling and being away from family and responsibilities can inject stress. On the other hand, travel is a gift. There is a balance, for sure. Overall, the stress of travel can pass quickly. When it makes sense and you can swing it, arrange your travel for an extra day or afternoon and commit to experiencing something new. Better yet, invite your significant other or a friend to come along for the adventure. At NEHA 2022 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in Spokane, Washington, many attendees strolled or jogged along the excellent trail system of the Spokane River. NEHA Immediate Past-President Roy Kroeger held a “Walk With Leaders” event in the morning to bring together attendees for an early morning stroll. Great idea! Be Visible During and After These people are your connections and you should share what you know. Attend all the events, even if you are tired. Sit in the front and hang around to chat with the presenters. Sign up for committees and stay up late. Disappearing into your hotel room would be such a shame. Hit the Exhibit Hall The people in the exhibit hall also made sacrifices to be at the event. For some events, the commercial providers represent a sizeable portion of the event budget. While you are collecting pens, water bottles, and drink koozies, grab the latest product summary sheets, sign up for the newsletter, and ask tough questions. Share What You Learned I keep running notes in OneNote during and after presentations. Those notes and snapshots become the basis for a postevent briefing with my sta members. Your sta who did not get to travel this year want to know everything about the event. In the best cases, you can repackage an educational session for your own o›ce. Sharing what you learned at the event serves to reinforce that knowledge. See You Soon A fresh batch of spring conferences is just around the corner for you to employ these suggestions and make the most out of your face-to-face event experiences. And the NEHA 2023 AEC will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 31–August 3. The AEC is an ideal place to practice what you have learned here and over the coming months as you venture back into face-to-face events. Corresponding Author: Darryl Booth, General Manager, Environmental Health, Accela, 2633 Camino Ramon #500, San Ramon, CA 94583. E-mail: Did You Know? We are busy at work putting together the educational program for the NEHA 2023 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition to take place July 31–August 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2023 AEC will provide education on a variety of environmental health topics including climate and health, data and technology, emergency preparedness and response, food safety, general environmental health, healthy communities, infectious and vectorborne disease, environmental health topics in Louisiana, special populations, water quality, workforce and leadership, and the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program. We are also lining up an engaging preconference educational program to enhance your AEC experience. Attendee registration opens on December 1. Learn more at