NEHA December 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

December 2022 • our1al o) E18,ro1me1tal Healt+ 65 Each of my attempts at vlogging about climate and health produced hilariously poor videos. I underestimated the skill it takes to act natural and speak extemporaneously while holding a camera and trying to be impressive. Better leave these endeavors to people with talent. Having said that, I was struck by the stories I discovered. I was struck by the implications of climate change at the local level. I was struck by the challenges we face as a society. I am energized by the notion that it is time for a holistic, integrated approach to climate and health. The breadth and depth of the challenge can seem daunting. I am pleased that the federal government has at last provided leadership in the alternative energy conversation with investments in nonfossil fuel energy sources. But like the profoundly local stories I discovered in my journey across the U.S., there is more to this saga. Much of the new energy production and storage capacity will require the mining of rare earths and other metals. That means searching out and securing new sources of nickel, cobalt, and lithium. That also means doing business in nefarious places like the Congo, where environmental injustices are abundant. We need to enter this new era with our eyes wide in our zeal to secure clean, renewable energy. I feel the environmental health professional has a unique and valuable perspective on these emerging ethical and technical dilemmas. It is time for us to collaborate with the federal government to develop a partnership for a new generation of environmental health practitioners. A generation with new aptitudes, new skills, and new approaches to the challenges of their generation. President Thomas Je…erson once quipped, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” Well said, President Je…erson, well said. Let us renew our journey with vigor in 2023. Many blessings for the holiday season. On location with my climate change videos. Images courtesy of David Dyjack. DirecTalk continued from page 66 Twitter: @DTDyjack You Are Seeing This Ad—Your Customers Will, Too! Three reasons to advertise right here in the Journal of the Environmental Health: ͜ 20,000+ readers interested in environmental health ͜ Delivered directly to email inboxes from a trusted source ͜ Clickable and trackable links from your ad to your website We also have special rates for first-time advertisers and long-term contracts. Contact or 303-802-2133.