NEHA December 2022 Journal of Environmental Health

62 Volume 85 • Number 5 NEHA NEWS YOUR ASSOCIATION clear understanding of the fundamentals of global environmental science and the factors required to maintain ecological stability, sustainability, and the preservation of worldwide resources. I have 16 years of assistant experience having supported executives and physicians in corporate, private, and healthcare sectors. I was born and raised in Michigan, spent many years in California, had a brief stay in Texas, and finally moved to Colorado where I will most likely remain. In my free time I enjoy a variety of physical pursuits to include beach volleyball, mountain biking, road cycling, and rollerblading. My current passions are my BMW Adventure Motorcycle and my Harley Davidson Dyna/Super Glide Motorcycle. I thoroughly enjoy riding them all over the dirt trails and beautiful canyon roads in this beautiful state! Make your contribution to the practice at SUPPORT THE NEHA ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION Our Endowment Foundation was created to allow us to do more for the environmental health profession than our annual budget might allow. Donations are used for the sole purpose of advancing the profession and its practitioners. Thank you to our donors! This list represents all donations made to the Endowment Foundation in the last 12 months as of press time. It does not include amounts pledged. DELEGATE CLUB ($1–$99) Thomas Abbott Erick Aguilar Tunde M. Akinmoladun Mary A. Allen Drake Amundson Steven K. Ault Logan Blank Glenn W. Bryant Ronald Bucci Kimberley Carlton Deborah Carpenter Richard W. Clark Alan S. Crawford Natasha Crawford Lawrence Cyran Bonnie Czander Daniel de la Rosa James M. Dodd Mina Emamy Wendy L. Fanaselle Krista T. Ferry Christopher J. Foster Mary K. Franks Debra Freeman Keith Frey Monica Garcia Raymond E. Glos Dolores Gough Steven Hernandez Michelle Holshue Maria Ingram Margo C. Jones Samuel J. Jorgensen Leila Judd Samuel O. Kembi Anna E. Khan Robert W. Landry Richard Lavin Patricia Mahoney Patrick J. Maloney Joseph W. Matthews Ralph M Matthews Pamela Mefferd Derek Monthei Lisa Maggie Morehouse Ericka Murphy Naing Myint John A. Nakashima Sylvester Ndimele Johany D. Negron Bird Brion A. Ockenfels Christopher B. Olson Kathryn Pink Jeffrey A. Priebe Michael K. Pyle Jeremiah Ramos Evangeline Reaves Roger T. Reid Leejay Robles Catherine Rockwell Dora Rodriguez Luis O. Rodriguez Edyins Rodriguez Millan Anthony Sawyer Taylor J. Sawyer Marilou O. Scroggs Anton Shufutinsky Tonia W. Taylor Marilyn C. Underwood Kendra Vieira Jessica Walzer Jeffrey A. Wangsao James M. White Christian Witkovskie HONORARY MEMBERS CLUB ($100–$499) D. Gary Brown Kenneth C. Danielson Michele DiMaggio Ana Ebbert Annette Eshelby Carolyn J. Gray Michael G. Halko Donna K. Heran Ayaka Kubo Lau Philip Leger Sandra M. Long Ann M. Loree James C. Mack Robert A. Maglievaz John A. Marcello Wendell A. Moore Susan V. Parris Larry A. Ramdin Jonathan P. Rubingh Michéle Samarya-Timm Mario Seminara Dorothy A. Soranno Jacqueline Taylor Linda Van Houten Tom A. Vyles Lisa Whitlock 21st CENTURYCLUB ($500–$999) T. Stephen Jones Ned Therien Leon F. Vinci SUSTAINING MEMBERS CLUB ($1,000–$2,499) James J. Balsamo, Jr. Brian K. Collins George A. Morris Peter H. Sansone Peter M. Schmitt James M. Speckhart AFFILIATES CLUB ($2,500–$4,999) Robert W. Custard David T. Dyjack Welford C. Roberts EXECUTIVE CLUB AND ABOVE (>$5,000) Vincent J. Radke