COVID-19 ECE Collaborative Executive Summary, 2021/2022

In summary, the Collaborative gathered a diverse group of organizations that worked together to protect children from COVID-19 and other environmental health hazards. Through this endeavor, Collaborative members were able to coordinate activities, develop critically needed resources, and reach a broad range of ECE practitioners. This project serves as an example of how collaborative partnerships can be rapidly established and implemented in real time to holistically address public health challenges and protect children’s health using HiAP strategies. The COVID-19 ECE Collaborative continued to hold monthly virtual meetings to provide updates, as well as support any partner events through 2021. This action afforded the opportunity for developed resources to be re-promoted to different audiences to maximize awareness and reach of these materials. NEHA also maintained its recurring monthly check-in meetings with CEHN and NCHH to continue coordinating around environmental health activities. Visit the COVID -19 Early Care and Education Collaborative website to access the developed resources and learn about project successes. The number of individuals and organizations reached clearly displays the effectiveness of the Collaborative and illustrates the benefit of bringing stakeholders together to meet public health challenges in real time. THE COLLABORATIVE SUMMARY 1,582,718 (63.7%) 805,812 (32.5%) 88,869 (3.6%) 5,258 (0.2%) Resource Data Metrics Figure 2 COVID-19 ECE COLLABORATIVE 16