COVID-19 ECE Collaborative Executive Summary, 2021/2022

The organizations in the COVID-19 ECE Collaborative have members who look to them for guidance and ECE resources. Some members may only be associated with one organization, which could result in missing important information. This Collaborative provided the opportunity for developed resources to be promoted throughout multiple organizations and allowed developed materials to reach a wider range of audiences. Also, with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, these products were able to be advertised to ECE stakeholders nationally. The total number of social media followers between all the collaborating organizations was greater than 280,000 followers (Figure 1). This increased reach allowed for the dissemination of resources to a much larger audience compared to individual organization membership distribution. Due to the large number of developed resources, the Collaborative desired to reach as many people and organizations as possible. Through the great work to promote these resources, the Collaborative was able to make over 2,000,000 connections with people and organizations through webinar views, resource downloads, video views, and page clicks (Figure 2). These downloads included assessment documents, fact sheets, infographics, comic strips, and tool kits. There were also several resources translated into different languages to extend the reach to communities where English is not their first language. The variety of resources developed, and the different organizational platforms shared allowed the Collaborative to support ECE facilities in multiple ways. THE COLLABORATIVE DATA DRIVE T 1,582,718 (63.7%) L I 805,812 (32.5%) F 88,869 (3.6%) I 5,258 (0.2%) Combined Social Media Followers Figure 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 15