COVID-19 ECE Collaborative Executive Summary, 2021/2022

Key Successes of the Collaborative Model SAVED RESOURCES EAR TO THE GROUND MET NEEDS BROADENED REACH LEVERAGED EXPERTS AMPLIFIED VOICES NEHA-provided basecamp platform to support coordination of ATSDR’s APPLETREE grantees in support of CEHN. The Basecamp platform was used to connect the Collaborative to meeting notes, recordings, announcements, and developed resources. Each organization conducted on-going assessments of their member's need at state, territorial, tribal, and local jurisdictions and provided this information to the collaborative to help inform existing gaps or confirm the usefulness of resources to the ECE community. Recognizing the gap in resources for home-based childcare settings, NCHH developed resources for the specific audience. Identified language gaps and translated resources into multiple languages. CEHN identified a gap in ventilation guidance for ECEs, NEHA develop a daily checklist with focus on ventilation, air filtration, and chemical usage for ECE professionals to assess indoor air quality risk. Provided speaker recommendations and facilitated introductions for NACCHO’s webinar about disinfection and ventilation in ECE facilities. CEHN partnered with AAP/PEHSU to create a webinar series together, expanding CEHN’s reach by at least 3-fold, and reaching new audiences, namely AAP’s large network of pediatric health care providers. ASTDR, ASTHO, and NEHA presented “Collaborating to Bring COVID-19 Resources to Early Care Education” together at NEHA’s 2021 Annual Educational Conference. ASTHO, CEHN, NACCHO, NCHH, NEHA, and Ohio Department of Health conducted a facilitated discussion on the ECE collaborative work in support of Children’s Environmental Health Day. NEHA connected NCHH to a Spanish translating service to convert home cleaning and disinfection guides for home-based ECE facilities. NEHA developed a centralized clearinghouse of all developed resources and tools and maintained the site on behalf of the group. PEHSU provided content expertise to ASPHN on their Clean Away COVID campaign. The campaign also received an endorsement from the PEHSU Steering Committee.