NEHA 2022 Annual Report

Inspiring & Providing Professional Development One of the key ways we work to build and sustain the workforce is through education. By providing up-to-date training and educational opportunities, environmental health professionals have what they need to protect communities and improve health outcomes. We provided environmental health education, training, and discussion at the 2022 AEC, the virtual Retail Program Standards Symposium, and the virtual InFORM Conference. 755 local, state, tribal, governmental, and other industries attended the Retail Program Standards Symposium 1,333 people registered for the virtual 2022 Integrated Foodborne Outbreak Response and Management (InFORM) Conference 84% of respondents to our member survey (n = 847) said they joined for access to training and professional development 30% of attendees attended the AEC for the first time in 2022 In 2023 we will continue to build educational opportunities with a new REHS/ RS online study course, a revised CCFS suite of training materials, body art inspection materials, additional FDA courses, additional instructors, flexible education formats, and content for emerging issues. We developed a Retail Program Standards SelfAssessment and Verification Audit (SA/VA) online workshop, revised the suite of CP-FS study materials, taught CP-FS and REHS/RS study courses, and developed and delivered training for body art facility inspectors. 420 environmental health professionals took one of our 15 FDA Retail Food Safety courses 1 virtual reality simulation was created for the FDA Plan Review course 3,898 students accessed courses in the last 12 months 74 people took our training for the CP-FS (58) and REHS/RS (15) credential exams 1,400 people attended the 2022 NEHA AEC educational sessions, preconference workshops, and meetings 1 2