NEHA 2022 Annual Report

In 2023 our goal is to grow partnerships, program committees, and NEHA membership; strengthen our partnership with affiliates; and host an active and useful online Community for the benefit of our members. 3 new relationships built with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Indian Health Board, and Indian Health Services as part of the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grants 35 environmental health programs hosted interns as part of the National Environmental Public Health Internship Program 2 demonstration sites using Health in All Policy framework (Washington Department of Health, climate change; Boulder County Department of Health, Colorado, healthy housing) 48 national public and environmental health organizations and academic organizations partnered with us on grants, cooperative agreements, and projects Connecting & Partnering for Better Outcomes Our work can be tough and our resources light. We bring together a brain trust of environmental health professionals with different perspectives, experiences, and skills to address systemic, ongoing, and emerging issues and provide a place for support and sharing tricks of the trade. We created dedicated spaces and assembled experts to address pressing issues and develop resources in online communities (NEARS, Private Water Network, Climate & Health, NEPHIP), program committees (body art, climate, food safety, informatics, vector), and communities of practice. We have prioritized the needs of our members uncovered in our member survey, including the desire to network, by launching our online Community networking platform and partnering with our state affiliates. We partnered with health departments, federal agencies, national associations, and academic institutions to expand the opportunities for professionals to connect, share expertise, and demonstrate best practices. 54 state, territorial, local, and tribal health departments partnered with us on programs 1,738 members are active on Community, our online environmental health networking platform 923 respondents to our member survey 321 resources developed in our online communities 201 members of the Private Water Network (included in 422 total) 42% of respondents to our member survey said they became a member for networking opportunities 422 members combined in our online communities (316) and program committees (106) 46 NEHA affiliates partner with us to share information and opportunities to reach more of the environmental health workforce 11 12