Operational Insights Into Mosquito Control Disaster Response in Coastal North Carolina: Experiences With the Federal Emergency Management Agency After Hurricane Florence

September 2022 issue of the Journal of Environmental HealthAbstract

Preparation for post-hurricane mosquito control is essential for an effective emergency response to protect public health and promote recovery efforts. Effective pre-hurricane planning includes laying the groundwork for a successful reimbursement application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The critical and overlapping need to sustain funding for mosquito control programs is highlighted here in the context of both normal and emergency responses. Community support is an integral component of an effective integrated pest management program and is established over time with appropriate communication and engagement. Experienced mosquito control operators who are familiar with treatment areas are an essential component of successful operations. Here, practical advice is provided to plan, prepare, and implement a successful ground- and aerial-based mosquito control response.



Speaker / Author: 
Jeffrey S. Brown, MS, Brunswick County Mosquito Control
Brian D. Byrd, MPH, PhD, Western Carolina University
C. Roxanne Connelly, PhD, BCE, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Stephanie L. Richards, MSEH, PhD, East Carolina University
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September 2022
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September 2022
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