Informatics Case Studies

Case studies help develop real-world understanding of problems and solutions. NEHA appreciates its members and partners for sharing their stories. 

Case Studies:

Informatics Case StudyImplementing a Software System in Northern Michigan

Location: Alpena, Michigan
Interviewee: Scott Smith, Environmental Health Director
Health Department: District Health Department Number 4
Published: August 2018

District Health Department Number 4 is a four-county jurisdiction in Michigan with offices in Alpena, Cheboygan, Montmorency, and Presque Isle. The department serves a population of approximately 76,000 people over a geographic area of 2,600 square miles that is mostly rural. Scott Smith is the environmental health director of the department and has been in his role for over 25 years. About a year ago, Smith’s division implemented a software system to begin tracking permits, inspections, and employee time. Since then, they have been working to better understand their new software system and its potential uses.

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Informatics Case Study

A Data Analytics Journey at the Los Angeles County Department of Environmental Health

Location: Los Angeles, California
Interviewee: Stuart Rekart, Principal Information Systems Analyst
Health Department: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Published: August 2018

The Los Angeles (LA) County Department of Public Health serves over 10 million people and its Environmental Health Department employs around 800 people. LA County’s Department of Environmental Health receives a lot of public data requests and many of its data-related activities are driven by the public, as well as by media requests. The department has implemented an open data portal and is in the process of piloting data dashboards for the public. The goal is to operationalize data analytics to be a part of regular business operations and to develop the department’s “analytical maturity” as described in the SAS Analytics Maturity Model (Figure 1).

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