Chlorhexidine to Maintain Cleanliness of Restroom Door Handles


Restroom internal door handles have the potential to become contaminated by pathogenic bacteria, particularly because frequent breakdowns occur in hand hygiene. Cleaning these door handles periodically could reduce this cross-contamination risk. The sustained effect following cleaning with chlorhexidine could be beneficial in restroom facilities as cleaning episodes are of necessity at time intervals. The cleaning efficacies and residual effects of Sani Cloth CHG 2% wipes were investigated in a double-blinded randomized crossover controlled trial in a school setting. No significant difference occurred in initial cleaning efficacy; however, following a six-hour period of use by pupils of the restroom facilities, the internal door handles wiped with Sani-Cloth CHG 2% wipes were significantly less contaminated than those with the control wipe (14% v. 32%, p = .02). Cleaning with Sani-Cloth CHG 2% wipes demonstrated significant improvements in the continuous cleanliness of restroom door handles during use with this simple and inexpensive technique.

Speaker / Author: 
Holly Young
Zara Plumb
James Stevenson
Annabelle Tibbett
Alexander Rawson
Joseph Thompsett
Mehroze Asif
Mignonne Gunasekara
Thomas Beresford-Peirse
Stuart Miller, PhD, DIC, and Mark Blunt, FFICM
Month Year: 
November 2015
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Publication Month: 
November 2015