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Every American has the right to safe and clean drinking water. Let's take positive steps so that the tragedy that occurred in Flint, MI will not happen again.

Take action by contacting your elected officials to support a new amendment, led by Michigan Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.  

NEHA urges all of us to contact our U.S. Senators to support this important amendment to assure that all Americans have safe and clean drinking water.


In 2014, Flint, Michigan’s drinking water supply was switched from Lake Huron water treated in Detroit to water from the Flint River treated at the Flint water treatment plant in order to reduce costs.

The new supply was not treated with required corrosion control chemicals and the water caused lead and pathogens to get into the town's water supply from corroding pipes. Researchers from Virginia Tech concluded that lead levels were high enough to be designated as "toxic waste." The Justice Department has also opened an investigation.

In a recent letter to President Barack Obama, the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder estimates it would cost $767,419,500 to replace Flint’s water system — a long, costly process that some think is necessary because, without it, residents there couldn’t get clean water.

In early February a proposal by Michigan Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters is being offered that would steer $400 million toward the lead-contaminated drinking water of Flint, Michigan ensuring that the process of replacing the pipes and getting Flint’s water supply safely back on line.

Contact Your Senators

Please join us in contacting your senators. You can find them here. 

Thanks for your support - we cannot do this work without you!

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Support the Safe and Clean Drinking Water Amendment. Find your Senators & download a letter of support here: http://bit.ly/1QIORxe

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Call to Action! Join NEHA in supporting the Safe and Clean Drinking Water Amendment to ensure that mistakes, like what has taken place in Flint, Michigan, don't happen again. Find your Senators and download a letter of support here: http://bit.ly/1QIORxe

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Voice Your Support for the Safe and Clean Drinking Water Amendment  

Now is the time to contact your Senators to let them know how important it is to monitor the public's drinking water to ensure that mistakes -like those that have taken place in Flint, Michigan- never occur again. The Safe and Clean Drinking Water Amendment does just that, and NEHA stands behind it. NEHA has put together a toolkit for you to take advantage of, where you can find sample social media posts, a downloadable letter of support, as well as a plug-in that makes it easy to find your state's representatives. Please visit http://bit.ly/1QIORxe today, and show your elected officials that you support the Safe and Clean Drinking Water Amendment. 



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