Tracking Network Supports Data-Driven Environmental Health Decisions

Tracking Network Supports Data-Driven Environmental Health Decisions

The Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is a collection of data from environmental hazards to human health effects surveillance from 26 state and local health departments already providing their data to the over-arching network.

The Network connects environmental and health data to empower local and state environmental health professionals and leaders to determine priorities and better protect the people they serve.

Key principles behind the Network are:

  • Open Data: Bring together data that would usually be collected and kept by many separate agencies and standardize it to uncover relationships between health and the environment. 
  • Tools for Analysis: Provide tools to help make sense of the data, such as maps that show where environmental and health problems are happening.  
  • Guide Decision Makers: Encourage use by states, cities, universities, and professional organizations to help make critical decisions about where to target environmental public health resources. 

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 9, 2022