New NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program Guidance

The NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program webpage has been updated!  

RFFM LogoNew guidance has been added to the web page, designed to simplify the NEHA-FDA RFFM grant program application process, including grant requirements, important deadlines, eligibility tracks, and types of grants offered. The web page also highlights 4 actions that can be taken right now to start preparing a successful application for this fall. These actions are: 

  1. Enrollment in the Retail Program Standards 
  2. Determining your eligibility, and choosing an application track that meets the capacity needs and Retail Program Standards goals of your jurisdiction  
  3. Understanding the two types of base grants, and the four optional add-on grants  
  4. Completing a Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP), to be attached to your base grant application  

Each action will provide retail food regulatory agencies with clear, step-by-step guidance for successfully navigating the NEHA-FDA RFFM grant program and preparing each individual component of the application.  

The NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program offers two base grants, “Development” and “Maintenance & Advancement,” as well as four optional add-ons, including “Mentorship;” “Training/Staff Development and Program Standards Engagement;” “Special Projects;” and “Capacity Building.” Please keep in mind, both the Maintenance and Advancement base grant and the Capacity Building optional add-on grant are 3-year grants that will ONLY be available for application in this year (fall of 2021). 

NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program Homepage

Visit the NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program page for detailed information. For additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team. We are here to help:  

NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program Support Team 


Toll-Free: 1-833-575-2404 


Release Date: 
Thursday, July 22, 2021
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