NEHA Releases New Animated Video

Environmental Health Professionals: Your Army of Unseen Protectors

NEHAWho makes sure that our food, water, air, homes, and communities are safe? We know that it’s environmental health professionals, but to most people, our work goes unnoticed. They trust that their water is safe to drink, that the restaurant they are eating from is clean, but don’t consider how that happens.

“Did you know that the reason our homes, schools, and communities are safe from infection and disease is because an unseen team of guardians protect us, day and night? We are not superheroes; we’re trained scientists you may not have even heard of before. And when we are doing our job as environmental health professionals, you won’t notice us at all. We’re invisible… Problems are prevented.”

This is the premise of a new animated short produced by NEHA that helps to expose the often overlooked and undervalued world of environmental health professionals and the ways they tirelessly work to ensure public health and safety is protected.

This short video shows some of the many ways an “invisible” environmental health professional impacts and protects many of the aspects of our daily lives, from our children’s day care to our oceans. It helps to not only expose the work that we do but also raise the importance of ensuring the environmental health profession is supported in a manner consistent with other public health initiatives and programs.

This video is a bridge, connecting the public and decision makers to the work that we do every day. We encourage you to share it within your communities and help make our invisible profession visible.


Video with Captions

Video without Captions


Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 28, 2021