Get Involved and VolunteerThink about the following questions:

  1. Are you interested in sharing your expertise and experience with others?

  2. Do you wish to make a difference in environmental health issues?

  3. Do your peers and colleagues often turn to you for problem solving or advice?

  4. Can you donate one (1) hour per month?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, please consider one or more of the following volunteer opportunities:

  1. Credential Exam Reviewer

    NEHA routinely reviews the relevancy of its credentials. Subject matter experts are needed to conduct a thorough evaluation of job task analyses and exam items/questions to ensure that the credentials are up to date and accurately reflect the profession they represent. Time commitment varies widely. Individual(s) must have a NEHA credential in good standing.

  2. Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Environmental Health (JEH)

    Scientific manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Environmental Health for publication consideration go through a peer review process. Peer reviewers are subject matter experts who provide constructive comments designed to help the author produce a better article, as well as provide direction on the suitability of the manuscript for publication. On average, peer reviewers conduct three to four manuscript reviews a year at the direction of the Journal’s editorial staff. 

    Note: Current Peer Reviewers need not submit.

  3. Social Media Contributor

    NEHA seeks EH subject matter experts to help us share the latest news stories, policy changes, and issues in the environmental health profession using social media channels. Must be a NEHA member and keep an active Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook account; have an active blog or website on environmental health issues; or participate in any EH-related forums or threads. Social media contributors collaborate with NEHA staff to engage the community with the information they need to stay updated, informed and relevant in the EH profession. Time commitment varies and duration is tentatively one year, subject to discussion and evaluation with volunteers as this new volunteer position evolves.


  4. Subject Matter Expert

    NEHA routinely participates in environmental public health workgroups and projects, develops trainings, and reviews and updates course materials. Subject matter experts are needed to assist in these efforts in a variety of topic areas, to ensure appropriate representation of the environmental health profession, and that developed trainings and materials are relevant, up-to-date and accurately reflect the needs of the environmental health professional and community. This role is outside that of the Technical Advisor, and the Journal and Credential Peer Reviewer. Time commitment varies widely. 

  5. Technical Advisor

    Appointment is made for one year by the NEHA President in consultation and with input from the NEHA board, NEHA staff and NEHA members. Must be a member. Technical Advisors provide subject-matter expertise and counsel to the NEHA President, Board, Staff, affiliates, and membership on the latest developments and educational needs of environmental health professionals. Mostly, this takes the form of assisting NEHA’s Education Coordinator in the development and implementation of NEHA’s Annual Education Conference agenda, but it could also be in responding to press inquiries, developing position papers, serving as an expert witness, or speaking on behalf of the association, etc. Time commitment varies by area of expertise.
    Technical Advisors are chosen annually in July/August


We thank you in advance for your interest and time.


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