HiAP How-To Webinar: Health in All Policies Implementation

Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Time Zone: 
Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Event Type: 
NEHA Event

This webinar will introduce three HiAP projects: two at the state level and one at the local level. Each speaker will discuss the structure of their HiAP efforts, primary partners and evaluation metrics/methods employed. Lianne Dillon will speak from the California Health in All Policies Task Force, which is the first large-scale HiAP project in the US. Its Guide for State and Local Governments serves as a blueprint for practice. Heath Kirby from the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County will discuss the Pinellas County HiAP Collaborative, which is a unique model in the US wherein a public health department serves as the backbone organization, employing a health planner in three local jurisdictions to integrate health and equity into programs, policies, plans, and processes. Dr. John Vick of the Tennessee Department of Health will discuss the Tennessee Livability Collaborative, a HiAP project that is focused on livability and quality of life. 

Contact Name: 
Audrey Keenan
National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)
(303) 756-9090