EPA Tools and Resources Webinar

Event Date: 
Monday, December 17, 2018
Event Type: 
Non-NEHA Event

EPA Tools and Resources Webinar: Technical Support Centers (TSCs)

EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) has in-depth expertise in human health and ecological risk assessment, site investigation, monitoring, treatment, and cleanup technologies for contaminated sites. With this expertise, ORD can provide the scientific foundation and technical knowledge to support remediation for contaminated sites, advance the science and engineering needed for assessments, remediation, and reuse of contaminated sites, and produce guidance and technical support for EPA offices, states, and tribal needs. One way ORD provides this support is through its Technical Support Centers (TSCs). These centers provide technical assistance to EPA regional and program offices for contaminated site cleanup.

There are five TSCs, each with its own area of expertise: Engineering, Groundwater, Site Characterization and Monitoring, Health Risk, and Ecological Risk Assessment. Superfund and Technology Liaisons (STLs) located in each EPA regional office facilitate ORD technical assistance for high priority contaminated site remediation issues. This webinar will discuss how the TSCs provide support and how to access this support.

Contact Name: 
Bailey Stearns
US Environmental Protection Agency