Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response

Event Date: 
Sunday, September 18, 2022 to Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Eastern Standard Time (EST)
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Non-NEHA Event
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The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) will be holding an Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) Operations course on April 3-9, May 1-7, July 24-30, August 21-27 at its training facilities in Anniston, AL. The EHTER Ops training is a five-day course which provides participants with the operations-level knowledge and skills needed to respond to incidents of natural- or human-caused disaster and to use appropriate protocols and equipment to achieve mission objectives. Participants are trained to assess a variety of environments, determine risks, plan for a team response, select equipment and instrumentation appropriate to the event, perform the required tasks according to environmental health response protocols, and perform reporting and follow-up as instructed. This is a hands-on application based course where participants conduct responses to simulated disaster events. Participants address environmental health issues related to sewage contamination, emergency shelters, water contamination, mass feeding, environmental contamination, responder safety and health, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and building hazards. There is no cost to attend for those from state, local, tribal, and territorial jurisdictions. All travel, food, and lodging are provided by FEMA/CDP. For more information on this training opportunity, please visit https://cdp.dhs.gov/training/course/PER-309

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Student Services
Federal Emergency Management Agency - Center for Domestic Preparedness
(866) 213-9553