Workforce Development

Pursuing Public Health Accreditation with Support from Environmental Public Health Programs

Come learn about how environmental public health (EPH) professionals can help elevate the importance of EPH programs within their health department. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced peers about the connections between EPH and public health accreditation and the steps EPH professionals can take to identify types of documentation that their health department may use to help meet public health accreditation.

Presented at NEHA 2015 AEC

2013 NEHA/UL Sabbatical Exchange Award to Canada: Comparing Undergraduate Environmental Health Education in Canada and the United States

Article Abstract

This guest commentary describes the 2013 NEHA/UL Sabbatical Exchange Award winner’s project. Dr. Hart traveled to three colleges in Canada that have undergraduate degree programs that lead to certification as a Public Health Inspector as certified by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. Dr. Hart was interested in how the Canadian curriculums/programs differed or were similar to U.S. curriculums/programs.